About MC Incubator®

Welcome to MC Incubator®, the first virtual online incubator for start-ups in the rapidly growing Life Sciences industry. Global thinking and commercialization are the main focus of all our strategies from the start. We realize the importance of speed to market where an early focus on the roadmap and an emphasis on execution is our cornerstone. Waste of capital is not an option, cost-efficiency rules. In an entrepreneurial environment time is money.

The founder of the MC Incubator® concept Anders Möllstam is a senior business coach with a significant track record from entrepreneurship in Life Science. The co-founders, Stig Boström and Björn Eriksson have a wide range of experiences from developing disruptive technologies. The MC Incubator® Advisory Board (ADB) have also made a significate contribution to the successfully developed Digital Platform. Read more about the ADB below on this page.

MC Incubator® is a government, institutional, and politically independent private virtual online incubator. The Swedish hub based in Gothenburg will focus on the Nordic market in 2020 and the European market from 2021. A Chines hub based in Hefei Anhui will be operational in the second half of 2020.

Anders Möllstam

Stig Boström

Björn Eriksson

The Advisory board

The MC Incubator® Advisory board provides invaluable insight for developing startups. They are the core team of Advisors that share knowledge and strategic guidance to our member companies to help them step up to the next level. The Advisory board is an important part of the further development of the Digital Platform MC Incubator® uses to drive the member companies to success.

Meet the MC Incubator® Advisory board

Large network of competence


Our Advisors have an exceptional track record for taking ideas to market within the Life Sciences area. The Advisors have different functions at the incubator; members in ADB, Development Coaches, a member in the Selection Board, and mentors. They are today geographically located in the Nordic countries but new Advisors are constantly added to the team as the MC Incubator® operation is expanding.

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Service Providers

MC Incubator® has a large network of international business partners and service providers offering special competence to the member companies at the incubator. The network of Service Providers pays an administrative fee to be part of the network and have thereby access to new potential assignments.

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Corporate Management

MC Incubator® helps the member companies at the incubator to find the right management for the project. The network of senior Corporate management MC Incubator® maintains include experts in General Management, Financing, Development, IT, QA/RA, and S&M. The group is geographically located in the Nordic countries today but the network is growing as the MC Incubator® operation is expanding. The network of management members pays an administrative fee to be part of the network and thereby get information on new potential assignments.

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