Advisory Board

Our Advisors have an exceptional track record for taking ideas to market within the Life Sciences area. Our Advisors have different functions at the incubator; members in ADB, Development Coaches, a member in the Selection Board, and mentors. The group is today geographically located in the Nordic countries but new Advisors are constantly added to the team as the MC Incubator® operation expands.

Therese Albinsson

M.Sc Quality Management and Leadership Development, B.Sc. Engineer Technology. Founder of medQtech. More than 20 years’ experience of working internationally within different aspects of the Medical Device Industry. Senior Quality & Regulatory Advisor for  the Medical Device Industry.

Petra Apell

M.Sc. Chemistry. Entrepreneur and founder of three MedTech companies, including Ten Medical Design AB and Orzone AB. Inventor of TeXray, researcher with a focus on healthcare technology innovations. Successful track record from innovation, product development and international marketing & sales from SMEs and global corporates.

Stig Boström

Ph.D., former professor at Faculty of Science, University of Gothenburg. Experienced specialist in Physiological Chemistry with a demonstrated history of working in the pharma industry (AstraZeneca) and the government administration. Skilled in Drug hunting and in Drug Development. Evaluator for the European Commission, VINNOVA, and VGR.

Eva Bredberg

Ph.D. Pharmaceutical Sciences (Pharmacokinetics and PKPD). Twenty-five years’ experience of Global Clinical Drug development, as Clinical Pharmacology expert, functional and project leadership. Founder and Senior Consultant in Drug development (Strategy, Clinical Pharmacology) at Bredberg&Bredberg Consulting.

Ulf Bredberg

Ph.D. Pharmaceutical Sciences (Pharmacokinetics and PKPD), Twenty-five years’ experience of Drug discovery and Drug development as PKPD expert, line manager and project leader. Founder and  Senior consultant in Drug development (Strategy, Pharmacokinetics, PKPD, and translational science) at Bredberg&Bredberg consulting.

Sara Frykstrand

Ph.D. Engineering Science (Nanotechnology and Functional Materials) and M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering (Material Chemistry). Co-founder Disruptive Materials, Scientist IP Manager in pharma industry, Researcher Uppsala University SWE. Associate Patent. Attorney at Brann.

Malte Kühnemund

Dr. Kühnemund obtained a master’s degree in biochemistry and cell biology at the Braunschweig University of Technology (Germany) and Lund University (Sweden). He then joined the Nilsson and Landegren labs in Sweden, where he obtained his Ph.D. in molecular medicine from Uppsala University and the Science for Life Laboratory (Sweden). His work on single-molecule analysis and sequencing technologies is now part of the technology portfolio of CARTANA, an in-situ-sequencing (ISS) company spun out from the  Nilsson lab. Dr. Kühnemund is a co-founder of CARTANA and head of R&D at the company, which makes ISS technology available to the global research community.

Lennart Lundberg

Prof. Ph.D. Lennart Lundberg has over 30 years in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, and as an academic researcher for over 25 years. Founder of the biotech start-up company Lipum AB, acting now as Senior Director of IP & RD. Before that Prof. Lundberg hold a position within the management team of AnaMar AB as VP of Intellectual Property after a long period at AstraZeneca AB (20 years). Prof. Lundberg joined Astra AB in 1989 to work as Project Leader for a recombinant protein drug development project. Prof. Lundberg has 75 papers published in the fields of biochemistry, biotechnology, and gene technology connected to his expertise in protein engineering. He is also an inventor of several biotech patents.

Ingela Nylander

M.Sc Chemical Engineering, Co-Founder Captario, Development Project Director at Alzinova. Several years of experience from Drug Development and Regulatory Affairs.