The MC Incubator®

We provide high-quality support for start-ups and companies from all over the world and help them connect with expert Life Science advisors, service providers and international investors.

The visions and inspirations of disruptive concepts often need a helping hand at the fragile early phases of development and to identify a pathway for the project. This is where MC Incubator can help startups to navigate the winding path to success with support for the startup team via our unique online web platform.

Member companies and invited users get assistance obtaining suitable funding, including possible access to MC Fund™, an equity fund dedicated for members at MC Incubator®.

The MC Incubator Process

The incubator work process

The unique digital incubator concept MC Incubator® has developed includes well-defined – somewhat demanding – processes, access to funding along the way and a large network of experts in building successful Life Science entities.

MC Incubator provides business coaching though our unique Digital Platform to member startups seeking help and funding to advance their vision. We can help to guide your project down the usually complicated path to realization. From IP analyses to exit and everything in between.

A new member or invited user gets a Dedicated Business Coach when onboard, start capital from MC Fund™ when matching capital is provided and sufficient training to utilize the Digital Platform. Along the way MC Incubator’s unique digital tools can be added to the process as needed. Part of the digital incubator concept is to utilize MC Incubator’s network of Service Providers. These organizations are certified and contracted by the incubator to give a member company quick and reliable on-line service when needed.

Unique Digital Tools builds the project

Members or invited users have access to an individual site at the Digital Platform. It provides a number of tools for developing and structuring your project. You have on-demand access to the well-defined and proven digital processes from anywhere in the world.

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