Become an incubator member

To become a member at MC Incubator® your project needs to meet certain criteria. The primary project requirements are:

  • Intend to operate in the area of Life Sciences
  • Include a novel technology
  • A preliminary and sustainable business idea can be described
  • Preferably be in the phase between seed funding and venture capitalization

The process for membership

The MC Incubator® Digital Platform

is further developed to meet a global arena. We currently work with test-members to improve the platform.

We are looking for early projects and startups as test-members

not yet incorporated into a company or established companies to evaluate new developments of the Digital Platform. These test-members use beta versions of developed tools.

Become an incubator member

Test-members and invited users get access to the sections of the unique MC Incubator® Digital Platform that are under development.

Apply for Membership

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